Description Valve body has loose ANSI Flanges (Class 300, Class 150) connected via threaded adapter. Valve is available with metal or Teflon poppet. Valve material is E-coated ductile iron (or Nickel plated) with steel main spring and stainless steel poppet spring. The valve has an independent poppet to prevent back flow during operation.

Rating The rated pressure drop is 1 psi (0.07 bar) @ 575 scfm (16.3 m³/min) airflow (valve actual operating condition is @ 100 psig (6.90 barg) inlet pressure and 180°F  (82.2°C) fluid temperature).  Here a scfm is one cubic foot per minute of air at 14.696 psia (1.01325 bara), 60°F (15.555°C) and 0.0% relative humidity.



1) Valve can have auxiliary ports on the outlet side and/or inlet side of the poppet.

2) Valve height can change as cracking pressure changes.

3) Valve can be ordered as a high pressure check valve. The main spring is removed, stroke set and the poppet spring is set to meet customer requirements.