Thank you for your interest in Air-Con Control Regulators. While the PR0934 is our standard regulator, we offer a variety of modifications to fit specific applications. Using the gallery below for reference, you can pick and choose which features you’d like in our “Control Regulator Constructor.” Once you have made all of your desired selections in the “Control Regulator Constructor”, hit the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page to send an inquiry directly to Air-Con. Air-Con will promptly respond to your request.

Slotted Screw Adjustment with a Hex Locking Nut

Slotted Screw Adjustment

Large Knurled Knob

Knurled Knob

Panel Mounting Option

Panel Mounting Option

Locking Wingnut with Small Knurled Knob

Locking Wingnut with Knurled Knob

1/4-20 Mounting Option

NPT Adapter

NPT Adapter


Normally Open or Closed?

Desired Gain Ratio


Adjustment Standard

Set Opening Pressure (psi or bar)

Mounting Option

Additional Features